Continued from Finn meets Fionna: Part 1

Bubblegum responding to Finn

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, Finn! I'm sadly busy right now. But how bout' tomorrow?

Finn: Umm, it's okay. I just really need Fionna and Cake back to their home.

Princess Bubblegum: Well, you CAN bring them to the Candy Kingdom's Perfect Slumber Party tonight! How's that? And to keep you waiting, you can introduce Fionna and Cake to the Land of Ooo!

Jake: Yes! Hehe, that's a GREAT idea!

Jake letting everyone ride on his back when Finn introduces the Land of Ooo

Finn: This is Marceline's house. She doesn't really like to hang out here. We usually find her lurking in the woods near our treehouse. And when she's not there, she always loves to experiment with Princess Bubblegum.

Fionna: Ooooh, how pinkish. Marshall Lee's house is a little to the right, and his house is baby blue, not hot pink.

Jake: Uh huh. I wonder why Marmar painted her house pink when she hates pink. It should be purple. Like, Purple Mountain Majesty.

Finn: Yeah. Any questions? Fionna?

Fionna: Is Marceline in this house?

Finn: Huh? Oh, umm, no. She's at the Bubblegum's castle, helping out for decorations of the slumber party. Hopefully, Princess has destroyed the sample of the candy zombie's DNA that Cinnamon Bun ate on purpose, so the slumber party won't turn out as the recent slumber party at the Candy Castle.

Fionna: Okay. When we get to the Candy Kingdom's Perfect Slumber Party, can you introduce me to Marceline?

Jake: Sure.

Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake walks to the Snow Kingdom

Finn: This is the kingdom of Ice King.

Fionna: Cool! At the Land of Aaa, Ice Queen lives here! But we call it the Snowy Kingdom.

Jake: Awesome!

Cake: I haven't been talking for a while. Can you show us to Candy Kingdom more?

Finn: We'd love to! Anything for the new visitors!

Fionna: Well, thank you. Just wanna compare your Candy Kingdom to our Candy Kingdom.

Finn: Well, okay!

A long time has passed. Fionna, Cake, Finn, and Jake are now at the Candy Kingdom. Some candy citizens prepare for the meeting Princess Bubblegum has prepared.

Fionna: Huh. I think we should check on Bubblegum. She might have opened the portal by now. She might...

Finn: Yeah, you're right. Cmon Jake, we gotta head over to the Candy Castle.

Jake: Well, okay. But doesn't Fionna and Cake check out the Cupcake Cavern or the Delicous Dottie Donuts store?

Finn: Jake, we got more important things to do. You always know that. First save people, then adventuring, last, fun. Okay, dude?

Jake: Yeah. Bros forever. But after that, can we go to Ice Cream Delights?

Finn then sits down, zips his lips closed, locked it with a key, dug a hole, put the key inside the hole, stuff it in with dirt, put a house over it, then buried the house. Stick a cupcake in my eye.

Jake: Hey, I remember that! That's our secret stick a cupcake in my eye that BMO only knows!

Finn: Yup. How would I not remember it?

Fionna: Okay. Guess what? Me and Cake now know this secret stick a cupcake in my eye thing of yours.

Finn: Fine. Cmon, we gotta go!'

Fionna, Cake, Finn, and Jakre hurry to the Candy Castle as soon as possible. They find Princess Bubblegum in her science experiment, trying to open the portal.

Princess Bubblegum: Finn! Thank goodness you're here! I need your heroic brain to help me out. The device is never gonna open, unless I another device smarter than it. But, I have no idea what technology I need to create the device!

Finn: Are there any other options?

Princess BUbblegum: There are 2 more options. But they are far too much dangerous for you and Jake to handle!

Fionna: Sounds like they need two other people that are both heroic. I think I know those people...who are they Cake?

Cake: US! We wanna help out!

Fionna: Can we, Princess?

Princess Bubblegum: Sure. But, I'm warnin' all of ya, these are all dangerous options. But I don't think ya'll should risk your lives just to open the portal. But if you choose to, Finn, you need to come with me.

Finn: Huh?

Princess Bubblegum: Inside my room. We need complete privacy.

Jake: Ooh..

Marceline then shows up

Marceline: Bonnibel, I have the--what the jug---

Fionna: Hmm...I'm Fionna. I heard you're Marceline...right?

Marceline: Uhhh...Finn?

Finn: Oh, hey Marcy. This is Fionna and Cake. Well, we were just helping and old goblin lady at Goblin Kingdom and then this mysterious portal formed from a device somehow...and we saw them walking out of the portal. I never knew that a Ice King's fan-fiction would be real.

Marceline: Oh, that fan fic. That's so stupid.

Fionna: Does that mean you're calling us...stupid?

Marceline: No. I mean that Ice King making a fan fic and publishing it. He didn't even give it to me so I could read it.

Finn: It's a pretty lame story, though...

Jake punches Finn in his stomach

Finn: Ow! Why'd you do that for?

Jake: *ehem*, Fionna and Cake are standing right next to you....

Finn: Oh, I'm so sorry,

Cake: No, no, no. It's fine.

Princess Bubblegum: Okay, now, may I have time with Finn in my room now?

Marceline: Oh, sure. Finn, take it slow and easy.

Finn: Umm...hehe, Marcy, I've got this, hehe, *blush*

Princess Bubblegum pulls Finn to her room\

Finn: So, got any plans?

Princess Bubblegum: Finn, this is important! If you don't come back soon enough, the portal device will be closed forever! That's why I have Marceline to help me out. There will be an alternate cauldron if the other options won't work. There will be different paths, so choose wisely because you can see your obstacles. If you don't choose the correct pathway, not only that the portal device will be closed forever, but you, Jake, and your friends will be trapped there forever! For all eternity. That's why I have chosen for you to take the Wise Tracker 3000 device with you, so you won't get lost. But remember, you must keep the device safe, or else...AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! SNAIL!

Finn: Princess! Are you alright?

Princess Bubblegum: Yes, but YOU'RE not alright! That snail behind you is under complete control of the Lich, and he might take control of you!


Finn and Princess Bubblegum run away as fast as they can, warning everyone. Unfortunately, the snail is not slow anymore because it is possessed from the Lich.

Snail: You might have escaped this time, but you may not even be able to escape soon. *evil laugh*

Jake: What's the biggie?


Jake: Chill, dude. What snail are you talking about?

Princess Bubblegum then announces with her Super Duper Extremely Loud Microphone, and that made the snail fall down. The Lich couldn't hear too much, or else he would collapse.

Princess Bubblegum: Everyone! Listen to me! We have a case of CODE BLUE. CODE BLUE! Don't panic, we need to go to Candy Kingdom's bottom lair as soon as possible. Including you, Lemongrab. I don't want any of my citizens to get hurt.

Finn: Are you sure, Princess? That snail could've heard you.

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, no, Finn. The Super Duper Extremely Loud Microphone is so loud, it makes adversaries collapse.

Finn: Woah. What kind of technology did you put in that?

Princess Bubblegum: Just a pinch of candy soup, one of my baby teeth, and a lock of your hair.

Finn: You mean, you used both of our DNA and mixed them together?

Princess Bubblegum: Yes, Finn. I saw a sign every time you put our DNA together.

Finn: Mathematical! What was it?

Princess Bubblegum: According to my research, it looks like a hero and a science heart.

Finn: A...heart?

Princess Bubblegum: Yes, Finn. A heart.

Finn: And it stands for...

Princess Bubblegum: Love. The power of love.

Finn *blush* The..the power

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, Finn. You know how much I love you. Don't you?

Finn *blush* Uhh..yeah!

Princess Bubblegum gives Finn a hug, and every citizen of the Candy Kingdom said, Awww. Even Marceline. Marceline walks over to Bubblegum and Finn, then hugs him too.

Marceline: Even know Bubblegum is yours, I still love you.

Finn: You're not just my friends, you're

Jake: Hey, I wanna give my little bro a hug too! To family!

Princess Bubblegum: I think it's a bit too early to give a family group hug. We gotta be at the bottom lair by now!


Everyone panics, while Princess Bubblegum goes near the snail and yells into the Super Duper Extremely Loud Microphone.


The snail falls on the floor and The Lich collapses. The Lich cannot be under possession of the snail's body anymore. Since he has collapsed, he can no longer take possession of another mortal's being for the moment. The Lich tries to complain, but nobody could hear him because he was in a different dimension. He was in a different dimension, but you can still see him.

Finn: Haha, yah butt!

Princess Bubblegum: Everybody! Now, now, settle down! We are safe! You may go back to your homes and businesses!

The crowd of Candy people cheers, and Finn walks to Princess Bubblegum.

Finn: So, group hug now?

Princess Bubblegum: Nope. Before you go to the Desert of Doom to start your quest, come to my room. Bring Fionna, Jake, and Cake, and Jake, too. I've gotta show you guys some stuff to bring on your quest. Your quest will be more dangerous than you think it is. And gadgets are the right answer.

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