Storyteller: Once upon a time in the Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake was exploring the wonders of the Goblin Kingdom. Just until, by the Royal Swimming Pool, Finn saw a portal opening from a small screen somehow.

Finn: Hey, Jake! Come check this out! I found something!

Jake: Huh? I'm here. What is that?

Finn: It's a mysterious portal. I wonder where it leads to.

Jake: Me too! Let's check it out! Jake pokes his head inside the portal. Woah, nelly! I see like, a female version of us! What the....

Finn: Jake! Finn pulls Jake out from the portal. Jake, was the mysterious creature inside that portal sucking you in?

Jake: No. I was just trying to squeeze inside to get a better look at this person.

A mysterious girl and her talking female cat walked out of the portal and into the Land of Ooo.

Finn: Oh, crud! The portal's closin'! What's your name:

Girl: My name is Fionna. I come from the Land of Aaa.

Jake: We come in peace. You are in the Land of Ooo.

Fionna: Cool! But we really need to get back to our land. Mind to lead us back?

Finn: Sorry Fionna, but the portal has closed. We don't know how to open the portal. Unless...

Jake: Hey, I know! Let's bring the portal opener to the Candy Kingdom! Let's give it to Princess Bubblegum! She might know how to open to portal. Fionna, who's this cat of yours?

Fionna: Her name's Cake. She's my sister. Well, not really. her family adopted me.

Cake: Yeah. So who's Princess Bubblegum?

Finn: Princess Bubblegum is the princess of Candy Kingdom. I hope you like her!

Cake: I hope. We have a kingdom called Candy Kingdom, too. At the land of Aaa.

Fionna: Well, we're going to need some working to get there. Cmon, let's go!

Finn: Yeah.

Storyteller: Finn and Jake are getting to know Fionna and Cake better. They are now heading over to Candy Kingdom and see Princess Bubblegum.

Princess Bubblegum: Cinnamon Bun! I need you to call all of the Candy Citizens and lead them over to the castle. I have a special announcement to make. Make sure Cotton Candy Princess is here, too. Also, I need you to--

Finn interrupts Princess Bubblegum, holding the portal opener in his hand, with Fionna, Cake, and Jake.

Finn: Princess Bubblegum! I need you to try to open this portal! You see, Fionna and Cake, this human and cat, has opened a portal from the Land of Aaa.

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