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  • Rainbowdash29

    Continued from Finn meets Fionna: Part 1

    Bubblegum responding to Finn

    Princess Bubblegum: Oh, Finn! I'm sadly busy right now. But how bout' tomorrow?

    Finn: Umm, it's okay. I just really need Fionna and Cake back to their home.

    Princess Bubblegum: Well, you CAN bring them to the Candy Kingdom's Perfect Slumber Party tonight! How's that? And to keep you waiting, you can introduce Fionna and Cake to the Land of Ooo!

    Jake: Yes! Hehe, that's a GREAT idea!

    Jake letting everyone ride on his back when Finn introduces the Land of Ooo

    Finn: This is Marceline's house. She doesn't really like to hang out here. We usually find her lurking in the woods near our treehouse. And when she's not there, she always loves to experiment with Princess Bubblegum.

    Fionna: Oo…

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  • Rainbowdash29

    Storyteller: Once upon a time in the Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake was exploring the wonders of the Goblin Kingdom. Just until, by the Royal Swimming Pool, Finn saw a portal opening from a small screen somehow.

    Finn: Hey, Jake! Come check this out! I found something!

    Jake: Huh? I'm here. What is that?

    Finn: It's a mysterious portal. I wonder where it leads to.

    Jake: Me too! Let's check it out! Jake pokes his head inside the portal. Woah, nelly! I see like, a female version of us! What the....

    Finn: Jake! Finn pulls Jake out from the portal. Jake, was the mysterious creature inside that portal sucking you in?

    Jake: No. I was just trying to squeeze inside to get a better look at this person.

    A mysterious girl and her talking female cat walked out of the por…

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